Founded in 2006, Cosy Cashmere Company has applied its passion, experience, and expertise to become a true specialist in knitwear accessories. Specifically focusing on cashmere and lambswool knitted socks, gloves, beanies and scarves.

How it all started...

Like many modern-day businesses, the founders of Cosy Cashmere Company, who already had decades of experience in their field, started by asking important questions of the local knitwear industry.

How do we reduce wastage in the sweater knitwear industry, and how do we ensure we get the most out of our raw materials?

The answer seemed simple – find a way of creating processes that can utilise every inch of yarn, whilst creating products for customers that are of the highest quality, comfort, and of course, ‘cosiness’.

The result. Cosy Cashmere Company was born.

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Cosy Cashmere Company, from humble beginnings...

Founded, initially, in a garage in Hawick (the home of Scottish cashmere), it started with the purchase of a scarf manufacturing machine from a company called Woodcocks, which was founded back in 1895. The beauty of this machine being that it was specifically designed, built, and tailored to utilise every inch of available yarn making it perfect for manufacturing our very first product range – the lambswool striped scarf.

Luckily, stripes were at the forefront of fashion at the time we started making our striped scarves, which worked out nicely, but we could see that fashions were starting to change, so we needed to diversify and expand our product range. This led to the purchase of a glove making machine, a move to larger premises, and our expansion into a wider selection of knitwear accessories.

In the beginning, most of our products were knitted using lambswool, with only a handful of cashmere knits being produced. However, as we honed our skills with our lambswool scarves and gloves range, and to the delight of many happy customers, we started to design and develop our knitwear accessories to include cashmere scarves, beanie hats, gloves, and more recently – socks. During this journey we’ve experienced more and more demand for cashmere-based products, which has led to cashmere knits now making up the majority of our range. However, don’t panic, we’ve not forgotten our roots, and still offer a good selection of the highest quality lambswool scarves, beanie hats and wristwarmers.

Over the years we have continued to invest in the latest machinery for accessories to ensure our hats, scarves, and gloves are of the highest quality and cosiness.

More recently, to keep up with demand for new products, we have invested heavily in sock machines. The first sock machine purchased was around 60 years old, but as the demand has increased and our socks have become so popular, we’ve invested in three brand new, state-of-the-art Italian electronic sock making machines. These machines are operated by our highly skilled technicians who not only craft our wonderful products, but design them too.

It’s fair to say that in the last decade, Cosy Cashmere Company has evolved from its humble beginnings in a small garage with one knitting machine, to producing luxurious cashmere and lambswool products in a modern factory setting which now houses 15 machines, creating a variety of knitted accessories. The latest technological addition being a Pompom making machine which is just one of the machines you can see in action in our video below.

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Want to see how our some of our products are manufactured?
Why not watch our “Behind the Scenes” video below.

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